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The Girl with the Scar

 Author: Kalki  Category: Urban Stories  Get it here

Life Is not fair. For Shylaja, a young girl with no looks, no money, no friends and no future, it is downright devastating.

The story of The Girl with the Scar takes you into the life of a young girl, the unlucky underdog who may be doomed to a life of misery forever, unless she can find the strength within herself to take control of her destiny.

Twenty-one year old Shylaja hides behind her scar. She does not have friends, hates being stared at and lives her own little lonely life with her mother, the only person who truly loves her.

Until fate calls her to do something she has never done before.

Will she let her zero self-esteem hold her back and hide behind her past?

For there is one thing that can push her into taking up a destiny that is meant for her, if only she will take one crucial step. What is this step, and does Shylaja have it in her to take it?

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of “The Girl with the Scar.” Join Shylaja as she embarks on a quest for redemption and discovers the strength within herself to defy expectations and forge her own path. Get your copy now and discover the transformative power of courage and resilience.

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