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Hello, I’m Lakshmi Priya Radhakrishnan, a passionate parenting expert, author, and creator of the Parenting Made Simple series—a collection of guides based on the principles of effective parenting. As a proud mother of two, I understand the challenges and joys of raising children, and my journey as a parent has fueled my commitment to sharing valuable insights with fellow parents.

In addition to my role as a parenting expert, I wear the hat of a fiction author, crafting captivating tales that explore the realms of mystery, mythology, and the intricacies of urban life.

With a background in engineering and human resources, my diverse experiences have provided a unique lens through which I approach both parenting and storytelling. Currently residing in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, India, I draw inspiration from its lively energy and rich cultural tapestry.

On this website, you’ll discover a wealth of resources aimed at making your parenting journey more manageable and enjoyable. Dive into my blog, where I share practical parenting tips, advice, engaging activities, and a variety of resources tailored to parents seeking effective and enjoyable strategies.

As an avid fiction enthusiast myself, I’ve also curated a section dedicated to my fiction books. Explore thrilling narratives that transport you to different worlds, combining elements of mystery, mythology, and the complexities of urban living.

Whether you’re here for parenting insights or to immerse yourself in fiction, I’m excited to connect with you through this platform. Feel free to explore my humble collection of published stories and immerse yourself in the world of Parenting Made Simple. For updates, parenting tips, and engaging reads, stay connected with me through the blog and fiction sections. If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to chat about parenting or fiction, don’t hesitate to reach out at priyanradha@yahoo.com. Here’s to a simpler and more fulfilling parenting journey!

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Lakshmi Priya Radhakrishnan

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